Posted on July 23, 2015 by emisshula

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<h1 id=In memorium to Faigy Mayer

We all struggle with finding our place in the world. Sometimes when we lose our way, it seems impossible to go on. I am lucky to never have had a voice appear in my head when I was on a rooftop. But the emotional distance of struggling to find a career in tech is long way from the limitless potential of anyone’s baby pictures:

My family refuses to allow me to have my baby pictures so finding these pics were cool!

The advertised meritocracy of Free and Open Source software, the community of civic computing and the riches of the New York Tech scene are never as close as they should be. I hope we all have the strength to struggle on. I hope those of us enjoying success reach out and lend a hand up, not a “Well, Actually”.

Faigy, I wish I had known you better. I wish I had been more helpful at Learn-Python-NYC. Mostly I hope you are in a happier place. Your talents will be missed.